Port Pez is a small but prosperous township on the planet Beelarp. Run by an unspecified mayor from his house atop a hill, the town is expansive. Due to the careful observance provided by The Watch, Port Pez has correctly deduced that Tentacle City, located just across the bay from them, has fallen under the sway of an Elder God.

Port Pez considers itself the Last Bastion against the Tower, the centerpiece of Tentacle City.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Watch
  • Fort Sponge
  • Dreadnought Watch Tower
  • Port Pez Resort
  • Pez Mine (Current)
  • Pez Mine (Reclaimed)
  • Foundry
  • Mayor's residence
  • Port docks
  • Water Table Sanctuary (kept secret)

The WatchEdit

The Watch is a sentry fortification built out of some old ruins discovered during the early days after Port Pez's founding. The remaining hillside was left after it was uncovered in order to make it less suspicious to any residents of Tentacle City that may be looking in Pez's General direction.

The Watch sits between the fertile farmlands and the town proper. Visitors are prohibited given the importance of the emplacement, with a check-in guard verifying anyone's necessity to be there. While a main window exists for keeping an eye towards Tentacle City, four parapets are also still in operation, as well. Guards work in shifts here to keep a vigilant watch over Pez to ensure its citizen's and visitor's safety. These emplacements are situated to keep a look out over the port docks, the farmlands, the resort, and the bay between Pez and Tentacle City.

The Watch is considered Port Pez's entire military force, although all citizens have been well-armed in case of invasion, as well. The Watch must occasionally make pushes into the Pez Mine Shaft to root out large monster infestations that the miners themselves could not put down without unnecessary risk.

Despite all other structures in Port Pez providing an escape route in case the town cannot be held, this fort does not.

Dreadnought Watch TowerEdit

Port Pez ResortEdit

Pez MineEdit

Original IncarnationEdit

Current IncarnationEdit


Mayor's ResidenceEdit

Port DocksEdit

Water Table SanctuaryEdit

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