Poison Fiends were the first animal on Orquon, but were replaced for a logical reason. Now, they're smaller, uglier, nastier, faster, meaner, and deadlier. The Poison Fiend is twice as tall as your ankle. They're a species of Scorpion Bird, but are bright green and bald-headed.

Hunting StylesEdit

Poison Fiends hunt in packs of 20-30 or more. Unlike a Scorpion Bird's stinger, these birds have a poison gland in the stinger. The standard method of attack is to harass prey to death. They do this by flying around their prey, looking for a place to inject venom. This can go on for hours. They can kill prey as big as a hippo. When they kill prey, they want food bad enough to stick their own head into the carcass, and keep eating. A fiend has very large wings that allow it to maneuver quickly.

Although they have nasty habits, Poison Fiends don't fight each other often. Sometimes, they take turns sitting on each others' eggs.


Poison Fiend in old Orqonian, means, "evil spirit". Their name comes from the poisonous stinger at the end of its tail, and the nasty hunting habits.