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A Common Trinko, the most common and dominant species in the Pattamalia group

Pattamalia is a group of organisms that are strictly native to Gamila. They are found on every continent and island, and there are a select few that thrive in the sea. They generally lack color and move fairly slowly. They are silicon-based, unlike Earthly life, which is carbon based, and the typical Gamila life, which is Nitrogen based. They look like rocks, range in size, and absorb nutrients through pore-like structures in the underbelly. While they feed, though, they cannot move, and are therefore vulnerable. They cancel out most radio waves, and do not produce much heat, making them almost invisible to predators. It is not known how they do this. A structure on the head, often looking like a stone or gem, is a self-fertilizing egg that cracks open and releases babies.

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