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A "naked" adult Papaklon

The Papaklon is a large reptile that lives in the Mauran Tundra on Gamila. It feeds mainly off plants and fungi, but does occasionally eat small animals and, although very rarely, members of the group Pattamalia. They are mainly reptilian and would not survive in the Tundra without a special symbiosis.

Pack Behavior Edit

Papakli often travel in groups or herds called Jollies. The Jolly takes the form of a rectangle, with three creatures in each row.

Runts Edit

Due to the harsh conditions, runts are found in almost every litter. The creatures take advantage of this fact by putting the runts in the front of the Jollies, mainly to distract predators from the stronger babies. Unfortunately, these are often eaten by the creatures they are meant to distract.

Nurses Edit

The third and fourth rows are composed of larger Papakli called Nurses. The Nurses defend the babies of the Jolly, making sure they are not harmed by attackers. Nurses are especially strong and fast, and they drive off most predators that are not distracted by the runts.

Babies Edit

In the middle of the Jolly are the baby Papakli, which the Jolly will do anything to protect. They are the main focus of the Jolly.

Archers Edit

On either side of the babies and at the back of the Jollies are Archers, medium-sized Papakli with a special organ called a Defense Pouch. The Defense Pouch is located inside the back and is linked to a protrusion from the back that is useless to most Papakli. While passing through the digestive system, some food passes into a tube that leads to this organ. The Defense Pouch is full of bacterial decomposers, and these bacteria slowly break down the food. If a predator attempts to attack the back of the Jolly, the Archers will shoot the spoiling food out of the protrusion. The spoiling food often carries a large amount of kinetic energy, and will often puncture the enemy's skin. If this does not work, the food also gives off a foul odor, acting as a "stink bomb". The enemy will often exit the area and find other prey due to the odor.

Drones Edit

Circling the Jollies are Drones, special Papakli that break off from the group. They find the Jolly food, and, during migration, often find good places for a nest.

Symbiosis Edit

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A Carpethugger atop a Papaklon

The Papakli have a special symbiosis with the Carpethugger, allowing it to survive in the cold. The Carpethugger is a large, flat, furry herbivore that latches onto a Papaklon when the Papaklon is born and acts as a blanket or artificial coat of fur. In return, the Carpethugger is able to consume the leftover food from the Papaklon's beak.

Mating Habits Edit

Papakli Nurses are set as "mating leaders" during mating season; they choose what Hosts, Transports, and Deposits mate together. However, Nurses themselves often do not mate.

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