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Cold to the touch, the Pami are a species of amphibian bipeds native to the planet Enlil located in the Nippur system. Resembling modern-day amphibian animals, the pami act the same way such as breathing through the skin so long it remains moist. The same could be said of their oviparous reproduction.

The pami were the second species discovered by the morphs during the early imperial era. Living in a 20th century-styled Earth. A diplomatic incident by the result of a infant resulted in the morphs to occupy their planet. Ending independence for the next millennia. Pami from then on were greatly used for the Cosain External Forces (CEF). Owing to their near-impossibility of being constrained through physical means. Aside from combat potential, they are considered the most beautiful sapients in the galaxy. Often found as slaves or servants.

Known Pami[]

  • Jusan Sharand - First post-imperial leader of Enlil
  • Ciersha - Worker
  • Andikan - Nergalian freedom fighter