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Ostrana Ninaqoi
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Species Hunyago
Ethnicity As Human: Ukrainian
Gender Female
Age 1630 years
Date of Birth 370 CE
Era(s) Pre-spaceflight



Hair Color As Human: Blonde
Eye Color As Human: Blue and Brown (heterochromia)

As Morph: Yellow

Height 7 ft
Homeplanet Mergen, Rey province
Affiliation Herchebud city of Micrea (1052-1140)
Foes Bio-Morph Empire

Ninsun Empire

Baduila Galindo


Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Friends Malem Rasis

Lorimund Natan

Berimund Vandalarius

Borani Vandalarius

Mila Galindo

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman speed

Superhuman strength

Transformations Human female of Ukrainian descent
Weaponry Heavily modified didoli longsword

Basher rifle

Attire Anoist robes

Didoli armor

Didoli headdress

Ostrana Rasisa Ninaqoi, is a Hunyago anoist of the didoli sect. In the Human Readiness Committee, she is known as the Bio-Morph of Ukraine. Identified as a female named Olga Marichka.

Born in the Rey province and given the name Ostrana, a female variant of Ostran. She was raised in one of the many didoli pobails located there. Her birth in 370 CE makes her a pre-spaceflight didoli that was forced into the Carver path, a harsh training system enacted during the anoist persecutions.

During the Imperial Clash, her regiment managed to completely wipe out the population of HR-Micrea, sparing only it's ecology. Then the herchebuds that followed them, established the herchebud city-state of Micrea. A rare anoist stronghold outside the native Nerthus. Instead of joining her contingent to siege Rubica but more so follow back to Mergen, she stayed to preserve the local ecology. Willing to endure the punishment of disobeying orders. Staying from 1052 CE to 1140 CE, when her duty was fulfilled. Returning to her sagart, for the crime of "abandoning the goddess", was tortured at the hands of fellow didoli's. Staying in a solitary prison for over 50 years.