Orquonians are from the planet Orquon. These people are the only sentient species on the planet. They look just like humans, but are colored dark yellow. They're as clever as ancient Native Americans. Now that is very intelligent.

Tools & WeaponsEdit

Orqonians have many hunting weapons such as, spears, stone knives (metal hasn't been discovered yet), boomerangs, and horses. These horses are from the equator and are unlike any horse you've seen before. As well as hunting, they have had wars. These wars had many weapons like, lances, spears, tomahawks, stone knives, stone swords, armor made from Razor Centipede exoskeletons (very strong), and cavalry. Their tools are the same as indians' tools.


These people have been progressing for years. The Wallachee tribe discovered the Wallachee Horse. The Wallachee Horse has helped them move very far distances and win more wars. Vulzars are future pack animals. They have also made different monuments from their own concrete. Orquonians are also thriving in South Amaisa. In fact, they have already discovered astronomy.


They have two main languages. The first is Old Orquonian. This language is hard to learn because the vocabulary is random. But, New Orquonian has an alphabet and an organized vocabulary.

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