Oodhoenfite is a calcified mineral formed via secretion. They are composed primarily of iron, and secondarily of iridium, making it similar in origin to Beyerhite, found on the nearby planet Litvaardpa Dummi. It has an average metal content of 58%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Thiaseuris-Ulgan Jeppj.

Oodhoenfite is a combination of iron and iridium, mixed with significant levels of calcium and lower levels of sodium, along with other trace elements that in the combination cause an ever-lasting chemical reaction that allows for the rock to possess a higher than average surface temperature. Because of this it is oftentimes found with species using it as a sort of heat rock. It is known to be frequented by Azure Hammerbats, younger Thiasaurs, Thiaseuris Euphrothas, Thiaseuris Slateskulls, and Weggasaurs.

It is gray in color, with croppings of calcium covering its surface.

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