Niuseite is a volcanic mineral formed from gaseous bubbles composed of iron and plutonium reaching the surface and rapidly cooling into a solid state. It has an average metal content of 55%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Dauenolaste.

Niuseite is a notably active mineral, despite its appearance, indicating recent formation. When the gas reached the planet surface it cooled so swiftly into a solid that the new rock immediately cracked, giving all Niuseite a broken look to it. However, gases still slowly leak up from the innards of the Niuseite and are believed to be continuing to contribute to the size of the substance; as such, it is referred to as a "slow moving" mineral. This may hint at hidden supervolcano activity in the area. Because the mineral contains plutonium, it is highly regarded as vital to the construction of certain weapon systems in the sector. Although scientists have attempted to warn salvagers of the dangers of this rock given both the gaseous plutonium misting out of it as well as that it seems to indicate an active supervolcano underneath, few have heeded these warnings.

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