Extraterrestrial Fanon Wiki
General Information
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Alternate Names Nanna (Pami settlers)
Planet Type Forest
Universal Location
Universe Testament
Galaxy Milky Way
Cluster Kutha
System Kur
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Climate Tropical
Terrain Hue Green
Liquid Hue Blue
Weather Class Rainy
Sapients Hunyago (544-1858)

Pami (544-present)

Political Information
Affiliation Bio-Morph Empire (544-1853)

Enlilian Republic (1858-present)

Capital City Ereshkigal
Government Morphist Administration of Nergal (544-1853)

Nanna Governorate (1858-present)

Official Language(s) Galactic Basic (544-present)
Strategic Information
Valuable To Gente-Verdes


Nergal is a forest planet located in the Kutha Nebula, Kur system. It is the main planet of the Kur system and the sister planet of Enlil, the pami homeworld.

Nergal was discovered by a secret Hunyago-Pami collaboration mission without Sero Fera's authorization. The capital city Ereshkigal was finished in 564 CE. It was here the word 'gente-verde' was used to describe the morph settlers, who had a green chroma. Morphist control would be maintained for the next millennia as the settlers kept a tight control of economic and political affairs, however extended these to the native pami, albeit to a lesser extent, as a sign of 'cultural solidarity.'

Nergal was the first piece of the NENNES holdings. An acronym of six Category-1 planets that the empire deemed important to it's overall survival.

Notable Inhabitants[]

  • Gul Banu
  • Orlaithe Cahan
  • Belimer Nidada
  • Druantia Cahan
  • Andikan
  • Bertrada Luitgarde