Nemaraite is a mineral formed from soil along with iron and nickel compacting over time near volcanic regions with heavy sulphur deposits. Once compacted enough it forms a rock amalgam. It has an average metal content of 68%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Dauenolaste.

Nemaraite a yellowish-brown in color thanks to the high levels of compacted soil and sulphur that make up much (though not a majority) of the substance. Veins of silver can be seen coursing through the rock and may either be iron or nickel in origin. It is commonly found covered in Dauenostars, which are attracted by the smell of brimstone and come to leech the rocks of their sulphur content, which they require to survive. Patches of lichen-like flora also commonly dot the mineral, giving it an almost polka-dotted look.

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