A Nacatra warding off a Yamada

IMG 5893

A sketch of a retracted Nacatra mouth

Main Behavior Edit

Nacatra are moderately sized omnivores native to Gamila's Islanda tropics. They are praised for being some of the smartest creatures on Gamila, only topped by the Bubblecap. They have a simple language and use tools to a level. As they often act as scavengers, they have extremely acidic stomach fluid. This both helps in digestion of possibly rotten food and protection via projectile vomit. Nacatra have strange, retractable, tube-like mouths that can rotate individually. Special teeth allow them to burrow holes in the thick Abourex plants. They eat through these mouths via small claws that reach out of gaps in the gums.

Language and Mating Behavior Edit

Nacatra language consists of an array of snorts, cheeps, and grumbles. The language is mostly phrases such as "Food is here," "Go away", "Do you have food," and "Follow me,". Each individual competes with others of its gender, even to the point of putting other Nacatra into deadly traps for mates. Often a Nacatra will lead its competitor into an open area, then use a bone to make a loud noise. This attracts flying predators to the site, where they will feast on the animal. Nacatras receive mates by creating extravagant masterpieces out of bones and plants outside their shelters. The murder of others often occurs when a competitor makes a shelter near another's home. Nacatra Transports often only mate once.

Parenting Edit

Little Guy

Nacatra babies are born live with red feet. These red feet slowly turn blue until the Nacatra reaches sexual maturity at 10.

Only Transports take care of Nacatra children, or Redfeet. Redfeet usually are born in litters of six to eight. Nacatra Transports act much like mother birds, feeding their children through regurgitation. Inside the throat, the regurgitated food is injected with a chemical that fights disease. Unfortunately, small animals called Stiltskins (named after Rumpelstiltskin) have evolved to mimic Redfeet, tricking Transports into protecting and taking care of them. Meanwhile, the parasite is able to consume the Nacatra babies one by one. However, if older children are present, they are often able to tell the parent and the parasite will be consumed.

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