NU-193-DUSTSTORM, also called DUSTSTORM is the name given to a large rouge planet orbiting near the Andromeda Galaxy. The size of the planet is aproximate to the size of Jupiter, although smaller in size. DUSTSTORM is a gas giant, with incredibly low gravity.

Because of the fact that core of gives out geothermal energy through the planet, life is allowed to prosper, yet no flora has been noted to exist.

Investigation and colonization of DUSTSTORM is still ongoing.

Photograph of NU-193-DUSTSTORM taken by an orbiting Rafterz satellite.

Discovery Edit

NU-193-DUSTSTORM was first discovered in 2005 by The Rafterz species through telescopes. A year after it’s discovery, the first manned expedition attempt was conducted by The Rafterz. This attempt failed, as nine days after landing, the expedition team went radio silent. Since then, alien factions around the universe are attempting to colonize and populate the planet.

The whereabouts of the original crew of the Rafterz expedition is still unknown. See Discovery 45-S.

Geography Edit

DUSTSTORM‘s atmosphere contains unknown, poisonous gases that can pass even through specialised and sophisticated gas masks. This requires highly specialized hazmat suits for


Photograph of the Andromeda Galaxy. The red circle at the right of the image is the current location of NU-193-DUSTSTORM.


DUSTSTORM also experiences windstorms almost daily. These windstorms usually carry tiny rocks with them, akin to earth sandstorms, hence the term “DUSTSTORM” in the planet’s name. The planet’s gravity is also unusually low, giving the ability to float in the air with ease. Because of the low gravity, large boulders made out of brown rock containing strains of zinc float in the atmosphere, providing as shelter for fauna. The biggest of these boulders that were recorded was aprox. the size of Rhode Island.


Photograph of the surface on DUSTSTORM, taken by a expedition drone. Note a sky crab and research base in the foreground.

Fauna Edit

Despite DUSTSTORM being full of fauna, no flora have ever been recorded.

A list of all known fauna on DUSTSTORM will begin here.

-Sky Crab

-Zebra Mite


-Brown-Striped Grub

-Sky Amoeba

Colonies Edit

Most colonies on DUSTSTORM consist of Rafterz-native species, but other aliens have also been recorded colonizing DUSTSTORM, including Homo Sapiens.

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