This war was fought only by the Scelorians and Myanmars, and was the most epic war ever fought. Roshaks never fought in this war. They were still as advanced as us. They could only watch a long light show (that was actually a space battle) every night.

How it startedEdit

Scelorians were more succesful than the Gunarcleans. After a while, the Myanmars decided to stop the villains from taking over their planet called Myan. The Scelorians in Scelor II wanted a chalenge because they took over many planets in less than a day. 

The Last BattleEdit

This battle started with a year-long space battle in Myans' solar system. Next, Scelor II traveled into Myans' orbit. This battle was fought in one month. Finally, Scelor II (only having minor injuries) made it to Myan. Little did they know, the Myanmars made a super weapon that will be used at the last minute if necessary. This battle took nine hours for Scelor II to finally fall. But, most Scelorians evacuated and continued fighting. If the Scelorians win, they could fix Scelor II and continue on the campaign. Scelorians had a good chance of winning. So, the Myanmars launched the weapon.


The Roshaks discovered Myan during a space expedition. They found that the weapon actually acted as Vesuvius Mount Vesuvius. It turned every being into stone. They still research the planet and have discovered many things. They found the leader of Scelor II and Myans' leader locked in combat. The Scelorian had the Myanmar pinned to the ground, and was about to stab him in the chest with his lightsaber (don't ask). Another discovery was found that somebody wrote on a huge wall about the whole battle. The writer was a Myanmar named Rayliv.

Rayliv's last wordsEdit

  As I watch the battle, I see billions of lives taken away. My family is gone and it's getting hard to write these last words because I'm crying. I see the Scelorian tyrant about to kill the last Myanmar leader. I hear screams cries, and the generator for the super weapon turning on. I know that I won't survive. The super weapon is about to launch. I hear my best friends' last words: "Myanmar will win this ugly battle". At least I've lived happy lif-