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Munderic and Clotild
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Sketches of Munderic and Clotild by Keanan Hofmann

Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Species Hunyago
Ethnicity As Humans: Arab
Gender Munderic: Male

Clotild: Female

Age Munderic: 2110 years

Clotild: 2110 years

Date of Birth Both: 110 BCE
Era(s) Pre-Cataclysm Mergen
Hair Color As Humans:
  • Munderic: Red
  • Clotild: Black
Eye Color As Humans: Silver

As Morphs: Tan

Homeplanet Mergen
Occupation Oral historians
Affiliation Vosegus Kingdom (110 BCE-525 CE)

Bio-Morph Empire (508-709)

Republic of Epione (1867-present)

Human Readiness Committee (1898-2000)

Foes Sero Fera

Kingdom of Vosacius (525-present)

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Friends Anu Fera
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations Munderic: Human male of Arab descent

Clotild: Human female of Arab descent

Cybernetic Enhancements Munderic: Rebreather

Clotild: Voice modulator

Attire Both: Flag of Arabia shoulder patch

Munderic: Two military service medals

Munderic Lebuin and Clotild Lebuin, or known as the Lebuin couple, or by their regnal names: Munderic I and Bast II, are Hunyago historians and patricians. In the Human Readiness Committee, they are known as the Bio-Morph's of Arabia (modern-day Saudi Arabia). Identified as Mukhtar Amari and Caliana Amari. Both belong with the Nine Sovereigns. A collective term of morphs who once held nobility in the pre-spaceflight era and survive to this day. Munderic and Clotild represent the first and second.

Both are a millennia-old married couple whose existence dates well before spaceflight. More importantly, they are the most oldest morphs in existence. Just at the start of 1 CE, a catalclysm struck Mergen, affecting most of planet's population but the couple remained unaffected. As time passed on, they both eventually lost their kingdom to the Voditi line (later Razveden) after being declared insane and possibly for being unable to produce a heir alongside that. Finding refuge under their Taranis relatives.

In 1045, they were brought along by their niece Kesi VIII to fight against the Ninsun Empire, but left halfway stayed once the Kakshe and Uko systems were brought under monarchical control. The Morph Schism made them both flee to Epione, where they lived for the next 34 years living under the care of exiled relatives. When former EEC members were reuniting for the return to Earth, through Ebrimund Hisarna, their former servant, Munderic and Clotild joined the organization. Willing to go another century before their eventual passing.

Their lives encompassing from the pre-cataclysm era to the post-imperial era. They are the last morphs of the pre-cataclysmic generation left in existence.


Kingdom of Vosegus[]

Munderic and Clotild were married as part of an arranged marriage between the Taranis and Vosegus kingdoms. Against cardinal law of adult age.


Being morph's born in to nobility of two royal houses, of the pre-catalclysmic era, Munderic and Clotild wore colorful elegant clothes.

Munderic in his default state, still wears a blue royal outfit. But no longer wears his bright yellow-colored crown that had three gems affixed to it's front area. With a white glove on his right hand. The torso area has two medals one circular and one triangular, both given to him for service to his late father and a small beaded lace. The right area has a picture of Ascendant Leader Oga X right above a visible pocket.

Clotild in her default state, always wears a red dress. This dress has many beads sewed into the shoulder sashes. Three self-drawn mergenese stars to connect them. In the middle area is a mergenese Onil. A connection to the Taranis Kingdom. With a white glove on her left hand.

Given their old age, both have received cybernetic enhancements. Visible in his chest, Munderic has a rebreather modification. When taking deep breathes, he will give out a distinct noise. Clotild, visible in her neck, a voice modulator needed to speak fluently. Giving her a almost loud tone.


  • Munderic and Clotild's birth year coincides with the foundation of the Himyarite Kingdom.