Moeleite is a recently formed mineral composed of iron and plutonium, with the former being the primary elemental compound involved. It has an average metal content of 54%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Thiaseuris-Ulgan Jeppj.

Moeleite is very similar to Ajuabiite, a mineral found on the nearby planet Litvaardpa Dummi, possessing the same general structure, metal content, and elements involved. However, Moeleite lacks the magnetic properties of its sister mineral, and it was formed under intense pressures and thus is significantly harder and more dense by comparison. Due to the levels of plutonium found within, it is radioactive and considered to be dangerous to organic lifeforms. They were recently formed, which proves that Thiaseuris is still a geologically active world, despite appearing to be a solid snowball world.

They are dark gray in hue.

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