The Miotal are a race of machines native to the planet Baile located in the Sciath system. While unknown to the raging imperial powers of the last millennia, the miotal have kept their distance from the conflict of the known galaxy. Watching it's significant moments behind-the-scenes.

The miotal trace their origins to the first experimental ship AI's used during the 6th to 7th century phases of the Morphist-Rovar Wars. The ships carrying these AI's then saw themselves scrapped when the conflicts between both species started developing a more racialized context. By scrapping them on the planet Baile which was designated as a 'galactic garbage disposal center.' From then on the AI's breaking off their shackles developed independently far away. Quietly taking over the recycling duties of the automated machines.

These 'sciathians' as called upon first contact with organics, would reveal themselves to the Milky Way during the Sol War by siding with the defensive coalition against the invading alliance in it's final stages. Hoping to earn a better standing within the galactic community. With this successful operation, the collective earned it's place but has faced resistance.


What can be said is that miotal have no definitively accepted appearance to express themselves as. By observation they have copied the appearance what they have seen through the probes sent out or through galactic net channels. Such as a quadrupedal amurru or a humanoid species like the yotha or pami.

Notable Miotal

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