Minifrit Spore
General Information
Species Type Diimon
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Locomotion Bipedal movement
Feeding Behavior Carnivorous
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Personality Mischievous
Language(s) Diimonic
Affiliation(s) Chaos Legions
Leaders Megafrits, Momoshku
Scientific Taxonomy
Other Information
Status Least Concern
Creator Somarinoa

"Mischievous little buggers, Minifrits are tiny gremlin-like Diimons. Unlike most Diimons, Minifrits just want to play… unfortunately, they tend to play rough."
— Vacotor Database description, Terran translation

Minifrits are Diimons and members of the Chaos Legions, which seeks the violent absorption of all sentient life. Minifrits simply enjoy playing around...unfortunately, they tend to play rough with others in the process.


Minifrits typically are a force that cannot be controlled, and few in the Legion really seek to control the Minifrits as a whole, as their playfully destructive behavior can be as close as anything could be construed to be what the Diimons might consider "entertaining to watch". Despite this, on incredibly rare occasions a Minifrit will become too saturated with chaotic energies and grow to massive proportions, becoming known as a Megafrit. Minifrits seem to greatly enjoy the company of their vastly larger companions and almost always a Megafrit will be completely covered in a hundred or more Minifrits, scurrying restlessly all over its body. Unlike Minifrits, Megafrits have become so large that they must walk on all fours to support their enormous horn whorls and overall mass and weight.

Interestingly, Minifrits seem to love the Patron of Crushing, an Ayzuuk Mutation known as Momoshku, Mamafriti, or Mamazuuk. Apparently they enjoy her dangerous, crushing hugs like a child enjoying the love of a parent or grandparent. Momoshku is often considered the Mother of the Minifrits and can be found aboard her own chaos starship, the Nursery, which has so many Minifrits upon it that one must step over and between them to get around.

Background historyEdit

The original ancestors that the Minifrits evolved from had been known as the Fritters, hailing from the planet Frittari. Frittari was a world of sparse forests and sprawling savannahs.

Even before their absorption into the Chaos Legions, the ancestors of the Minifrits were impish by nature, which kept many sapient, starfaring cultures to give them a wide berth simply due to finding them frustrating to deal with. Because of their prankster nature they never truly evolved beyond a tribal stage, as they often pulled elaborate pranks upon each other or simply tore apart others' advancements for the sheer entertainment value in doing so. Ayzuuki missionaries, whose homeworld Oshku was relatively nearby to Frittari, had only just begun landing on the planet surface when the Legions arrived.

The Legions found the Fritters annoying to deal with but saw immediate potential in their lifestyle, and therefore put up with the obnoxious beings long enough to convert an ample force before pulling back and instigating a massive supervolcano on the planet to erupt, transforming the Grass World into a molten Lava World. Most species on the planet quickly died out but the newly-evolved Minifrits found that they thrived in such an environment.

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