Extraterrestrial Fanon Wiki
General Information
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Alternate Names Origin (Morph species)
Planet Type Terrestrial
Universal Location
Universe Testament
Galaxy Milky Way
System Nerthus
Orbital Characteristics
Rotational period 24 hours
Orbital period 365 days
Satellites 1
Physical Characteristics
Climate Diverse (Dependent on region)
Terrain Hue Magenta (originally blue)
Liquid Hue Green (originally red)
Atmosphere Hue White
Weather Class Dependent on region
Water Percentage 62%
Primary Terrain Plains
Wildlife Oromedon

Cauldron plant

Strawback plant

Political Information
Capital City Esid
Government United Nations of Mergen (UNM) (100-508)

Bio-Morph Empire (508-1853)

Bio-Administration (1866-present)

Population 8.9 billion
Official Language(s) Hunyan (5000 BCE-present)

Basic (1-present)

Strategic Information
Valuable To Hunyago species

Mergen is the homeworld of the Hunyago (Bio-Morph) species located in the Nerthus system. It's moon Ami being the only satellite.

In 1 CE, a cataclysm struck the planet. Destroying 60% of the world and altering it's terrain and wildlife.

Mergen has six continents. In the far West, the continent of Asoya consisting of North and South Asoya. In the East, Esus and Mulla both connected to the Vinotonus peninsula that connects to the third western continent Lenusia. The final is the Lugus, an largely glacial part of Mergen located in the southern pole.

Known Countries/Provinces[]

  • State of the Verde Coast - An autonomous state located in North Mulla, part of the Exarchate of the Verde Coast
  • State of Esid - The capital of Mergen. It is a city-state located in Esus. At one point is was called Cyrus before it was changed.
  • Origem City - Otherwise known as the Origem City State, is an independent city-state located in southern Esus. Former capital of the anoist empire
  • Kingdom of Taranis - A monarchy located in North Asoya
  • Frith - A province of an unknown country located in South Asoya
  • Khannah-Damora Commonwealth - A dualistic state located in South Asoya
  • Rey - A province of an unknown country located in the coastal region of the Vinotonus peninsula
  • State of the Leanai Order - A now defunct anoist state
  • Sedatus - A North Mulla country
  • Anoist Empire - Now defunct empire that stretched from the Vinotonus peninsula to the Lenusia continent
  • Slogutis - A Southern Mulla country
  • Eston - A country located in Esus
  • Morva - The province of an unknown country located in Eastern Lenusia
  • Borvonian Kingdom - A monarchy located in North Asoya
  • Nemausus - Eastern Lenusian country
  • Latobius Kingdom - A monarchy located in southeastern Mulla
  • Cocidius - A country part of the Vinotonus peninsula
  • Ritona - A transcontinental country inhabiting both Lenusia and Esus