Maul Plant

A Maul Plant baby

Main Information Edit

Maul Plants are tall, tripedal animals native to Islanda on Gamila. They bury themselves underground, posing as plants. They have two heads, which have much the same shape as fruit. Due to a hard shell, herbivores cannot bite off the heads. Instead, the bite allows the animal to spit an acid into the throat of the prey. It then pulls the pained or dead creature underneath the soil for consumption.

Mating Behavior Edit

Maul Plant Transports and Hosts are very rare, and very large. Usually there are only about 1 to 2 each per area. Due to this, all of the Deposits have to compete for dominance. Usually the Transports and Hosts will only mate with 3-6 Deposits. During the mating ritual, the animals commonly dance around each other for long periods of time in between the stages of mating. Many Deposits take advantage of this by hiding until the mating ritual, then killing the distracted suitor.

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