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Strong and quick on their feet, the Marduk are a race of four-armed bipeds native to the planet Ninurta located in the Kalhu system. A piece of the morph's imperial forces, the marduk acted as front-line heavies alongside the amurru. Living up to the distinction of being one of the most toughest species in the Milky Way.

The marduk were discovered by Sero Fera during the earlier portion of her reign. At first willing to interact with them, she eventually began systematically exterminating them to please her loyal followers. The marduk, in a hunter-gatherer society, managed to fight them off Ninurta. A watershed moment in both histories. Overtime they had adapted to morph technology scavenged off their invaders. Resisting a second invasion by the morphs and the rovar. In 713 CE, a resurgent morph empire had managed to bring the marduks under imperial control. Ending independence for the next millennia.

Known Marduk[]

  • Thembo - Tribe leader
  • Juba Aderfi - First post-imperial leader