A Malarri feeding at sunset

Main Information Edit

Malarro are herbivorous animals native to Gamila's Purple Forest. They make homes on the branches of Swamayas, using the tree as a food source and a place to sleep. They use their long, claw like hands and spiked tail to dig into the flesh of the tree.

Feeding Edit

Swamayas have large circular mouths that are able to rotate like an electric saw. They use this to rip off bark from the tree. They are then able to suck up the separated bark and consume it.

Parenting Edit

Malarro usually have about 6 eggs at a time. Hosts and Deposits often stay with their children, while Transports abandon the group after mating. Deposits often watch over the children while Hosts get food for the family. Malarri children often stay with their family until the age of 7. Until that time, their tails are still mostly undeveloped and only used for protection from flying creatures.

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