The luxanon dracosaurs are the rarest of all dracosaurs, with the only remainders today being hybrids. They stand at 13-15 ft tall, have a length of 43 ft, and weigh around 4 to 5 tonnes. They represent light in the dracosaurian elements.

General Information
Aliases Other Dracosaurs
Classification Dracosauia luxania
Species Type Dracosaur
Homeworld Gaia
Environment Anywhere
Intelligence Sapient, second most intelligent
Biochemistry Carbon-based
Biological Information
Lifespan 280-300 human years
Average Height 13-15 ft
Average Weight 4-5 tonnes
Average Length 43 ft
Wingspan 46-48 ft
Locomotion Quadraped, biped when reared
Feeding Behavior Omnivore
Prey Any
Predators None, Apex
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Lawful good
Personality Honorable, lawful, sympathetic
Organization Democrarchy
Language(s) Dracosaurian
Leaders Formerly Xenadras as representor and leader, Currently Rag'nar
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Gaia
Genus Dracosauria
Species luxiania
Other Information
Status Critically Endangered
Creator Rhinocavalry42

Known members Edit

Kildarigon (Father of Xenadras, mate of Mengora and former leader)

Menagora (Mother of Xenadras, mate of Kildarigon and former leader)

Xenadras (mate of Zu'rom, mother of trio and former leader of the dracosaurs)

Sibling Trio (all part pyron and part orc)

  • Rag'nar Hellcleaver
  • Bru'nak
  • Magora

Mika Hellcleaver (daughter of Rag'nar, also part human)

Kaletos (formerly luxanon devilsaur)

Description Edit

From what remain of the luxanon, they have golden colored scales that range from Metallic gold to Harvest gold and have an Apricot underbelly. Their heads resemble something similar to that of European dragons with spines lining the back and a pair of horns that spiral backwards similar to those of Bighorn sheep, but straighten out and sharpen at an equal angle to their maws. They have spines face backwards lining the spine and end halfway down the tail.

Personality Edit

Luxanon are quite sympathetic twoards others and will always treat others with respect and equality no matter who or what they are. They are also very honorable and lawful, often demanding justice and seeking peaceful solutions to certain situations. But if things get out of hand, they will use force (which is often the case between pyron and glaciron during meetings). They also are quite calm and are nearly impossible to irritate, though there have been times when luxanon will act out in anger (this is rather rare, but when they do happen, things can be dire for the opposition).

In society Edit

Luxanon dracosaurs are quite often made the leaders, due mainly to their honorable and lawful personality. This ironically is the reason that they are so rare as nearly all have become corrupted due to the power that they are given. They have also been known to start premature wars due to personal grudges (the most famous and recent being the Rainbow Wars, which was started with the death of Menagora).

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