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A photosynthesizing, plant eating Lunartra

Main Behavior Edit

A Lunartra eating a Heartwood

A Lunartra eating a Heartwood Tree.

The Lunartra is a flying species that lives on the planet Gamila in the Islanda Tropics. They are owl-like creatures that have translucent, gelatinous, colored orbs in place of eyes on an Earthly creature. These are used as defense, being shot out of the Lunartra's face at predators. The orbs are corrosive and can easily melt away at another creatures face. They do regenerate, though it is very taxing on the Lunartra.The Lunartra get their name from the interesting way they collect food. In addition to eating plants and other animals, the Lunartra photosynthesize using light from Gamila's two moons, Orran and Yeltus. The Lunartra have a sub species that inhabit an entirely different planet in a separate solar system. It is unknown to this day how that species ( called the Lunaris ) got to that planet.

The Lunartra's eyes when it eats plants.

The Lunartra's "eyes" when it eats plants.

Body Behavior Edit

The Lunartra's eyes when it eats animals.

The Lunartra's "eyes" when it eats animals.

The Lunartra can have 3 different orb colors, depending on what they eat. They can have purple "eyes", if they eat animals, green "eyes", if they eat plants, or black "eyes", if they eat Pattamalia, because Pattamalia are one of the few things that are poisonous to the Lunartra  The Lunartra also have a long, acidic tongue that is the Lunartra's main way of collecting food. It functions mainly the same way as their "eyes" do, though it is not at all taxing on the Lunartra. Lunartras also have an acidic coating on their talons, but it does not make the talons change color. Lunartras are immune to plant poisons due to a corrosive substance that lines the throat and catches any unwanted materials. However, Pattamalia's spongy skin and silicon biochemistry damages this substance, leading to severe infections and often death, as well as a black orb color.

The Lunartra's eyes when it eats Pattamalia or is dying.

The Lunartra's "eyes" when it eats Pattamalia.

Social Behavior Edit

The tounge of a Lunartra in a jar

The tongue of a Lunartra in a jar.

The Lunartras have some strange qualities in the way that they socialize with others. Some Lunartra roam in groups, or "Beams"  as they are called due to how the Lunartra shine like moonbeams. Other Lunartras prefer to roam alone. These Lunartras are called the Avius, a Latin word for lonely.

Juvenile Lunartras like to pick up rocks with their beaks and throw the rocks around, and sometimes the rock falls down the Lunartra's throat. That will not hurt the Lunartra, in fact, it actually aids in digestion. But sometimes, the rock is a Pattamalia, and then the Lunartra will die, as Pattamalia are poisonous to the Lunartra.

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