The Large Gun Emplacement was a strategic weapon emplacement produced by the Wandrau Arms Corporation.

This heavy gun emplacement was designed to protect stations and bases that were otherwise defenseless, or otherwise augment an existing defense system. With a total of 16 omnidirectional laser cannons mounted in pairs, 8 on the upper and 8 on the lower part of the hull, the large gun emplacement was extremely dangerous to incoming starfighters. Each laser cannon was operated by two gunners, but there was space onboard for a few extra beings - perhaps technicians or comm operators. The platform was too small to house living quarters, so the crewmembers had to be ferried in by shuttle at the beginning of their shift to one of the four ingress/egress hatches.

With a heavy shield rated at 80 SBD - though relatively light armor - this weapons platform might at first appear vulnerable based on appearance and size alone. However, the firepower that it was able to bring to bear on attackers was formidable. If a starfighter was close enough to inflict damage with its lasers, it was also in range of at least 8 of the gun platform's lasers. Experienced gunnery crews were also able to shoot down incoming warheads, forcing starfighters to engage at close quarters. Nonetheless, a skilful squadron of pilots working together was often able to overwhelm the gunners aboard one of these platforms. Station commanders often utilized these defense platforms in conjunction with minefields.


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