Lacuspinite is a quasi-ferrous, magnetic mineral composed of iron and heridium, with the former being the primary elemental compound involved. It has an average metal content of 41%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Litvaardpa Dummi.

Lacuspinite is difficult to differentiate from Blenobite or Qandreite to the untrained eye. Like these other two, Lacuspinite forms bat-like structures that extend upwards out of the surrounding substrate. However, this compound is highly magnetic and can be determined thusly. Unfortunately they are magnetic enough to mess with unprotected compasses or electronic devices, and because of this most equipment on Litvaardpa Dummi must be kept in protective housing just in case. This has cost the local sapient species, the Korvax, large amounts of funds and are considered dangerous to even get near for them, as they themselves are mechanical in origin. One Korvax slave many centuries ago known as Asalog infamously went crazy while unsuspectingly traveling through a field of Lacuspinite, which started the planet's revolt against its Gek First Spawn slavers.

These structures are primarily a golden brown in hue, although have a tan coloration as it tapers towards the base.

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