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Klara Razveden
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Species Hunyago
Ethnicity As Human: Croatian
Gender Female
Age 1990 years
Date of Birth 10 CE
Era(s) Mergen
  • Post-Cataclysm
  • Reconstruction
  • Pre-Spaceflight



Hair Color As Human: Brown
Eye Color As Human: Blue

As Morph: Gray

Height 6.84 ft
Homeplanet Mergen, Kingdom of Vosegus
Occupation Sketch artist

Brenhine of the Voditi Kingdom

Imperial Court

Professor at the University of Esid

Affiliation Kingdom of Vosegus (1-525)

Kingdom of Vosacius (525-1866)

Bio-Morph Empire (508-1853)

Bio Administration (1866-present)

Human Readiness Committee (1898-2000)

Foes Munderic and Clotild

Belus V

Oriv Heesha

Jusan Shurand

Hanazant Maral

Spouse(s) Oromedon Razveden
Children Tenagon Razveden (Son)

Barsine Razveden (Daughter)

Gergis Razveden (Step-son)

Friends Sero Fera

Anshan Cyrus

Belus III

Malakas Lym

Cian Hardrada

Chliste Arweinyyd

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations Human female of Croatian descent
Attire Voditi raiment

Intellectualist robe

Flag of Croatia shoulder patch

Klara Razveden is the Hunyago brenhine of the Kingdom of Vosacius. The successor monarchy to the Kingdom of Vosegus. Recognized as Voditi I or Matriarch Razveden. As the head of the Razveden family. In the Human Readiness Committee, she is known as the Bio-Morph of Croatia. Identified as a human named Bura Tatjana.

Born on the day the cataclysm struck Mergen, Klara was the newborn daughter of noble Patriarch Morek Razveden, who was a former margrave of the Vosegus kingdom and the only surviving head of the House of Danon. With her father as the only surviving family member along with the young heir apparents and several others. Morek served as regent until Munderic and Clotild reached 400 years of age. As the decades came by, Klara was sent to Esid to study. Here she would be a student of intellectual and future empress Sero Fera. Becoming an ardent follower in the coming decades. In 500 CE, her father died from natural causes. 25 years later, with political assistance from Fera, overthrew the young monarchs and exiled them along with anyone who refused to swear fealty to her. Renaming the area from Vosacius to Vosegus. Soon she married Oromedon, a commoner from Eastern Lenus. Having their first child in 658 CE.

Serving the imperial court under Fera and Belus III alongside Malakas Lym, Klara herself and Lym, ardent feraists, helped pass resolutions to both reigns. Ensuring crucial support and the consolidation of the newly discovered species pami and yotha into the empire. When Belus V reformed the system, hoping to curb their influence, she was removed from her position and put under house arrest. An act on his part to gain the support of the pami and yotha by removing elements of the first empress. She would not be put under long as members that survived placed her back in despite the increased anti-feraist measures of Belus' successor Uparmiya. In the ensuing Twenty Years' Anarchy, she surprisingly did not make a stake for the imperial throne, instead using the political chaos to consolidate her position to prevent another sudden removal. By the time of Uparmiya's return, Klara had regained the support and confidence of the court's members.