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Kisewa-Kyo, translated to Thirteen in English and Galatic Standard, is the religion practiced by the Utinnis.

Beliefs Edit

Kisewa-Kyo does not have any specific diety, as one of the core beliefs is that their is no dieties that created them it was done through evolution over time that has allowed them to survive, thrive, and grow.

In Kisewa-Kyo they believe that all things can be achieved through the Force, and Magic. Which is why the primary practice of this religion is the practice of Necromancy.

Futhermore; in Kisewa-Kyo no sexuality is frowned upon as the practitioners believe that all sexual orientations are chosen by the person based on what they desire more in a lover, as well as how submissive or dominant that individual is.

This religion also practices majority of the Holidays though the most favorited is Halloween.

Continuing ever onward this religion also believes in using dark magic for good, as well as using whatever knowledge they have for the betterment of themselves, their clan, and their society.

Finally the only afterlife believed in is Limbo which is why summoning spirits for wisdom advice and guidance, talking to ghosts, and recreational ghost hunting are normal occurances for this religion.

More information about this religion is unknown.

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