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A species having survived a devastating thermonuclear war, the Kingu are a race of bipedal humanoids native to the planet Panatoria located in the Vannida system. A planet once predicted to have been home to lush forests and plains.

Prior to their discovery, Panatoria was a nuclear wasteland. With civilization wiped out, the kingu devolved into tribal allegiances. Fighting over what resources remained. In 1140 CE a rovar exploration party discovered the nuclear ravaged world. Uplifting this species to be a reserve army force to be unleashed on any enemy. For the remainder of the Late Imperial Era, they conquered, colonized, or exterminated anyone in the way. Tipping the balance of galactic power.

Out of all the species in the Milky Way, the kingu are seen as the Milky Way's foremost galactic pariah. Laying waste to territories both imperial and independent and believing in a pseudo-morphist sole idea. The most well-known appearance feature of them is their sharp teeth overbite. Though some have decided to wear a face veil or go through facial reconstructive surgery.


Indentured Era (1140 CE - 1501 CE)[]

In 1140 CE, a rovar ship traveled into uncharted territory and discovered a planet having huge craters not of natural formation. Landing on the planet to discover the kingu. A connection was made to a certain Kaimbe Necali who was the chieftain of a huge tribe. Offering his allegiance to the rovar in exchange for helping his species escape their destitution.

Shortly after the first kingu raids began under the leadership of the Necali family. Attacking the recently acquired morph holdings of the former Holy Republic. Then attempting cross-border raids in nathair territory.

Known Kingu[]

  • Kaimbe Necali - Tribal chief and First Kaimana
  • Kaikala Necali - Assistant governor of Panatoria
  • Kaimma Necali - Imperial commander
  • Kailash Necali - Administrator of Kinguist Girsu
  • Kaipo Necali - Privateer