(Zhe'vuul IV / Beta Glaiius IV)
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General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Planet Type Swamp Planet
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Sector Perseus Arm
Cluster Glaiius Constellation
System Zhe'vuul System
Position 4th
Orbital Characteristics
Mean Orbit 1.26 a.u.
Rotational period 42 hours
Physical Characteristics
Mean radius 0.78 es
Polar radius 0.78 es
Mass 0.56 e.s.
Equatorial surface gravity 0.81 g.
Axial tilt 14°
Surface pressure 1.45 atm
Climate Humid, muggy and swelteringly hot
Surface temperature 26°C / 80°F (day), 19°C / 67°F (night)
Terra-Score T3
Liquid Hue Murky brown/green (blue in rare oceanic conditions)
Atmosphere Hue Hazy green
Weather Class Class 2
Tectonics Class Class 2
Water Percentage 80%
Sapients Indigenous: Diplod, Lorc, Massocion, Zalt & Zoaraptor
Immigrant: Fafni, Grokk, Jlell, Lorc, Sectyd & Ytatta
Wildlife Flit, Flitcatcher, Hellbender, Salamand, Swamp Wolf
Vegetation Disguiser Tree, Trumpet Reed
Political Information
Affiliation Amphorian Empire
NodhCohr Hierarchy (former)
Government Zealously religious empire
Strategic Information
Economic Value 0 (no currency used)
Planetary Income 0 (no currency used)
Expenses 0 (no currency used)
Strategic Value Capital world
Production Value 0 (no currency used)
Valuable To Amphorian Empire
NodhCohr Hierarchy (former)

A dark and foreboding place, Kesari (pronounced alternatively as either /kɛs'ɑːriː/ or /kɛ'sɑːriː/) is a moderately-sized swamp planet and home to the zealous Amphorians and Lorcs. Only one ocean covers Kesari's surface, with all other areas being continents which have separated from one another only recently, leading to very tropical weather throughout the planet. Each continent is separated by a moderately-sized sea. Much of these continents are low-level areas, allowing for wetlands and shallow seas to invade the mainland. Typically, mountains are the only significant amount of dry land. More than one continent possesses an inland sea.

While Kesarine tectonics allow for islands to spring up over time fairly often within the planet's solitary ocean, they do not often breach the surface, leaving the ocean littered with submerged seamounts. Due to this significant amount of submarine volcanoes, major tsunamis are more commonplace than on some other planets, due to the occasional sloughing off of the mighty pillars' flanks.

It is located within the crossroads of travel for many starfaring races, yet is off in a secluded area in a system nobody ever travels to, making it the prime target of various invaders. Oddly and strictly by coincidence, each set of extrakesarestrial invaders have arrived on the world very close to a thousand years apart, leading to a major factor in Amphorian religious beliefs, much to the chagrin of races who have had to deal with their close-minded ways.

Kesari is noted for possessing neither fungiferous nor crystalline forests anywhere along its crust.

Planetary Information Edit

  • Size/Type: A medium-sized swamp planet with a misty atmosphere.
  • Climate: Generally calm and placid, with the marsh-jungles usually shrouded in fog, especially at night. Trees also form a canopy around much of the surface area, and let little light in.
  • Water Content: Almost all of the surface of the planet is saturated and covered with water, with generally small bits of land emerging from the swampy depths. Oceans cover a good portion of the planet, while the continents are low, and covered in a shallow marshlands for much of their entirety.
  • Habitability: The planet is very habitable, although many deadly creatures such as the Hellbenders and Salamands live here. Visibility is usually low, and most predators lurk beneath the shallow waters. Viruses run rampant throughout Kesari, and many can prove deadly to non-locals.
  • Dominant Species: Amphorians

Unique Genera Edit

Many unique genera of species exist on Kesari, that are not known to exist anywhere on Earth. A small compliment of these genera is listed below.

Lorcids Edit

The Lorcids are toad-like amphibians, from which the semi-sapient Lorcs evolved. Although very few bipedal species remain during the Era of Cleansing, many quadrupedal species continue to thrive.

Serpentomorphs Edit

The Serpentomorphs are a species of saurospondylians (which are a taxon of reptilian-like amphibians not found on Earth), which are serpent-like in some major aspect. Although some species are only serpent-like in terms of venomous fangs, others are very serpentine, appearing as limbless, worm-like creatures, which generally swim through the mangrove swamps or bury themselves in the mud (although a few species are arboreal and fewer still are marine-based).

Kesarine Inhabitants Edit

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