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Kaimbe Necali
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Deceased
Vital Statistics
Species Kingu
Gender Male
Age 87 years
Date of Birth 1099 CE
Date of Death 1186 CE
Era(s) Post-apocalyptic Panatoria


Eye Color Yellow
Homeplanet Panatoria
Occupation Tribal chieftain
Affiliation Necali tribe (1099-1140)
Allies Rovar Empire

Tamvis III

Foes Bio-Morph Empire

Gundrada Joveta

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse(s) Unknown
Children Kaikala Necali

Kaimma Necali

Great-Grandchildren Kaipo Necali

Kailash Necali

Friends Wyman Nodons
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect
Weaponry King war chief banner
Cybernetic Enhancements Skull implants
Attire Kingu tribal clothes

Rovar robes

Kingu crown

Kaimbe Necali was a Kingu tribal chieftain turned species leader who ruled over large swaths of what was post-apocalyptic Panatoria prior to the Rovar arrival. He was the first ruler and founder of the Necali dynasty that would last from 1140 CE to 1699 CE.

Kaimbe was born in the central Panatorian depression as the first son of a scavenger named Necali who lived within the Rota tribe. After reaching 18 years he overthrew his father and assumed control of a remaining fertile land untouched by the centuries ago nuclear holocaust. Ruling over thousands of subjects, he waged war against those that defied his leadership. In 1140 CE, while out on a personal hunting trip, was approached by a rovar ship that had landed down. In return for pledging his loyalty, he was given advanced technology to conquer the world. With the planet and all potential rivals pacified with rovar assistance, he was named "Kamana of the Kingu" by Tamvis III. Leading his people against the Hunyago, Ninsun, and Nathair to settle across a galaxy opened to them.

Kaimbe's expeditions and invasions tipped the balance of power set forth from the Imperial Clash in favor of the rovar. However his brutal methods of crushing dissent and overall treatment of those captured gained him much notoriety. Its because of this behavior towards enemies and even allies a relative would assassinate him at the age of 87 years.