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Jotapa Banu
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Species Hunyago
Ethnicity As Human: Armenian
Gender Female
Age 1572 years
Date of Birth 428 CE
Era(s) Pre-Spaceflight Mergen
Hair Color As Human: Brown
Eye Color As Human: Hazel

As Morph: Blue

Homeplanet Mergen, Andarta state (now Andarta province)
Occupation Writer

Imperial soldier

Affiliation Bio-Morph Empire (508-1820)

Republic of Epione (1866-present)

Human Readiness Committee (1898-2000)

Foes Skeke Empire

Pami dissidents

Spouse(s) Gul Banu
Children Baran Banu
Friends Osla Beldanoch

Alaric Bessas

Pridon Beso

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations Pami female

Human female of Armenian descent

Attire Intellectualist robe

Pami marriage robe

Nu ring

Flag of Armenia shoulder patch

Jotapa Banu is a Hunyago soldier and explorer. In the Human Readiness Committee, she is known as the Bio-Morph of Armenia. Identified as a human named Zabel Patil.

Born Jotapa Xpolui in the Andarta state, an Esus country neighboring the Esid city-state as the daughter of intellectual Hilderic Xpolui and crypto-anoist Egilo Aranosi. She moved to Esid around 450 CE to live with Hilderic while her mother fled to Lenusia.