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Jordanes Ricimer
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Species Hunyago
Ethnicity As Human: Russian
Gender Male
Age 1138 years
Date of Birth 862 CE
Era(s) Imperial


Hair Color As Human: Blonde
Eye Color As Human: Green

As Morph: Red

Height 5'10
Homeplanet Mergen
Occupation Mercenary


Space Pirate

Affiliation Bio-Morph Empire (862-1853)

Rovar Empire (1019-1852)

Dagon Empire (1000-1099)

Ninsun Empire (1045-1047)

Earth Exploration Committee (1848-1849)

Bio Administration (1866-present)

Republic of Epione (1866-present)

Human Readiness Committee (1898-2000)

Allies Crew of the Danseker
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse(s) Helga Çulpan
In-Laws Danira Çulpan

Friedrich Galka

Gram Galka

Friends Theaduuara Megendrod

Imicina Nordrada

Zymen Tagasalo

Malakas Lym

Alaric Bessas

Berenga Waldrada

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations Human male of Russian descent
Weaponry Dual Basher pistols
Attire Mer year arm band

Flag of Russia shoulder patch

Jordanes Ricimer, (first name pronounced either: Your-den or fully pronounced: Yor-den-nees Ris-see-mor), is a Hunyago mercenary. In the Human Readiness Committee, he is known as the Bio-Morph of Russia. Identified as a human named Ivanov Stephashin. Through his eventual marriage to Helga Çulpan, he is the brother in-law to fellow HRC member Reineldis Begga who is married to Helga's brother Gram Galka alongside being the son in-law to both Friedrich Galka and Danira Çulpan.

Born of a family from the cross-continental country of Ritona. Jordan embodies the rare example of morph who refutes the intellectualist philosophy of the Hunyago species. Preferring the freedom his occupation offers. Neither loyal to the Morph or Rovar imperiums. Going along as a freelancer with his own crew of the Danseker. Even in the post-FGW galaxy, still accepting contracts from both the Bio Administration and individuals from the Republic of Epione. Joining the likes of slaver Zymen Tagasalo. Then joining the return to Earth with his crew of the Danseker, for a promised and surely to obtain sum of 50 million credits.


Life as a mercenary[]

"How can a species that professes individualism eventually start pushing a fascist orthodoxy over everyone? You of all people should know trying to push something onto the young generation has opposite results. Just look at me."
— Jordanes to Cian Hardrada about his occupation

Jordanes was born to a Mergen think tank joining between two red morph's. Since he was born, he has been leading an unusual lifestyle seen by most as unprecedented. Skipping intellectual sessions and defying higher morph authority. He joined a rovar hive pirate vessel known as the Danseker, yearning for freedom. As the only morph member. Contracts taken by Ricimer and the Danseker crew then on ranged from simple smuggling, piracy raids, murder, the capture of religious extremists, and allying himself with several empires all for the purpose of money.

Earth Exploration[]

"It is eerily quiet in this part of the world. Cold and iron fisted. The human culture here describes what they call the 'Russian soul'. They are like me. Resourceful. Uncannily intellectual. And strong."
— Jordan's notes about Russians in Northern Asia

Hired by Alaric, leader for the Earth Exploration Committee (EEC) for a payout of 48 million credits. Landed in Northern Asia via teleportation. Learning the name Russia by humans he overheard in the city of Moscow. Same with other members around the globe he learned the lingua franca of the area he studied: Russian.

Spending only a year in Earth, he was called back to the Transvaal to hear the empires have started the First Galactic War. Sometime later during the same month, a rovar ship entered the Sol system. During the ship raid, he along with Gero and Belusa went to capture the Barracks.

Capturing Gul Banu[]

Unable to find contracts Jordan went back to Mergen at the behest of Anshan Cyrus. Using public transport. On his way there he met Wyman Nodons, who revealed he was also called by Cyrus for a unspecified reason. Unable to answer the reason they were summoned made Jordan only earned Wyman's suspicion.

Both entered the capital building of Esid. Guided by escorts to meet Cyrus in the former room where the emperor/empress worked. He was stopped by Chliste just before taking the first step in. Bringing out a robe for him to wear. He looked to his eyes in a disapproving manner. Cyrus ordered Chliste to let him through. Cyrus then revealed the nature of their mission: to capture Gul Banu alive. Jordanes remembered him from their time in the EEC. Willing to take the job with no issue. Getting a promised pay of 13k credits.

Personality and Appearance[]

"It's not money that suits me. It's the freedom."
— Jordan to Theaduuara

Jordan comes off as a stoic, rebellious, quick-witted, and stone-hearted individual. Born into the intellectualist culture of the morphs he left it due to it's easily seeable career path. As stated by himself when asked: 'Grow up, get smart, become a politician, hope to be Ascendant leader, fail, continue career, get married, have kids, and stop doing what you loved so much'. He left Mergen and his family behind to become a 'free man'. Deciding his own life outside the morphist confines. Being a mercenary, his goal isn't financial acquisition as one would think, but the ability to do whatever he wants without consequence. A lifestyle that suits him. Given his position he develops no concrete loyalty to those who hire him regardless how much money is paid to him. Not even taking in the intentions be good or bad. To those seek to remove him of the life he personally chose, he will immediately become annoyed or worse hostile. The same rule-set even applied during his time on Earth. Constricted by the rules of the organization's leader Alaric Bessas, often creating conflict to the point he is given orders from him through Berenga Waldrada, a former crewmember of his ship and someone he trusts.

His own name comes from the religious figure Jordanes the Red, a pre-Destruction monotheistic anoist who preached in South Asoya. Despite that he does not profess the morph religion.

Jordan is a morph of a red chroma. Aside from his bare body, he only wears an arm brace due to his last name having the word 'mer' at the end, on his left arm near his shoulder, that shows the number '862', the year of his birth. The only cultural tie he keeps of his people. When asked to put on a intellectualist robe in order to meet Cyrus again in person, he outright refuse to wear it. An obvious example of his distaste of the Esidan elite. As for his flag patch in the Human Readiness Committee, on two occasions, it would be the tricolor used by the Tsarist government and post-soviet state. With the iconic soviet flag used between 1923 until 1991.


  • Ivanov (Ивано́в) is a different version of "Ivan", a russian equivalent of John. It is a common surname in Russia and Bulgaria.
  • Ivanov's skin color, Red, or krasni, in russian culture is a term used to describe Beautiful.
  • Ivanov's birth year coincides with the foundation of the Kievan Rus'.