A Jikomi eating a Rozev Tree.

Jikomi sight

What the world looks like to the Jikomi

Jikomi Mouth

A close up of the Jikomi's mouth

The Jikomi ( pronounced Yi-Ko-mee) are a herbivorous species that live on the planet Rinea. The Jikomi do have eyes, though their vision is quite limited. Their entire world is coated in darkness, except for the red glow of the Rozev Tree, the green glow of other creatures, and the pale blue glow of other Jikomi. The Jikomi only feed upon the Rozev Tree, meaning that if the Rozev Tree were to go extinct, the Jikomi would go extinct as well. The Jikomi are one of the only known species to be able to touch the Rozev Tree without becoming stuck; this is because of this slippery substance that covers the Jikomi's body. In order to counteract this substance and make sure that the Jikomi stay on the tree, the Jikomi drill their legs into the tree to stay on. The Jikomi's mouth is like an automated saw;it will start rotating at very high speeds and will start to pulverize the tree. This method of eating causes chunks of the Rozev Tree to go flying at high speeds; possibly harming other creatures, but also allowing the Rozev Tree to repopulate through those pieces landing on the ground.

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