Jevell Throwers are large plants native to Islanda on Gamila. They have very sweet fruit and are fairly common, and cannot be spread via animals. They have a special symbiosis with the Jevell. Jevells enter through a long, special root that lies above the surface, and are kept inside a fruit on the plant's back. When danger arrives, special chemicals are released inside the two tubes on the front of the plant, causing Jevells to push against the cap of the tube. This builds up pressure until the cap flies off along with the Jevells. The Jevells steer toward the predator using their legs and spear them, sucking out tissue rather than blood. This gives the Jevell food and the Jevell Thrower protection. Unfortunately, the Jevell Thrower cannot turn, and its fruit, along with the seeds and Jevells inside, is consumed.

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