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Jeres Oplyst
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Deceased
Vital Statistics
Aliases Oga XV (Various morph intellectuals)
Species Bio-Morph (Hunyago)
Gender Male
Age 1655 years
Date of Birth 200 CE
Date of Death 1856 CE
Eye Color Magenta
Homeplanet Mergen
Occupation Ascendant Leader (801-1856)
Affiliation Esidan Intellectual Board

Bio-Morph Empire (508-801)

Morph Transitional Government

Lover(s) Hemma
Friends Anshan Cyrus

Sero Fera

Anu Fera


Noa Shira

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman speed

Superhuman strength

Attire Ascendant robes

Jeres Oplyst was the 15th Hunyago Ascendant Leader from 801 CE ending with his assassination in 1856. Succeeding Oga XIV and later succeeded by Anshan Cyrus.

Jeres was born in the Verde Coast as a disciple of Oga XIII, the 13th Ascendant Leader of Mergen's pre-spaceflight Reconstruction era. With the discovery of the pami, yotha, skeke, and marduk species by Sero Fera, he would be a vocal critic against her initiatives done against them. Nevertheless, remained with the empire until his election to Ascendant Leader in 801 CE.

As with all leaders before him, Jeres did his best to remain only in the intellectual circles of Mergen. Being the religious animosity between the rheoli's and didoli's of Anoism. Including the imperial policy of the empire. A silence on both he was forced to break when Yaziwerde was killed by the didoli's. Intervening in the second siege of Rubica. Putting an end to the Morph-Ninsun front during the Imperial Clash.

Jeres' position was put into serious question upon knowledge of his sexual encounters with an magkahalo named Hemma. Many attempts were made to remove him but none of them fully succeeded. On his part, he had felt the failure of preventing the politicization of the position that had long been untouched by it. With that he would retire to be with his lover, Dimona. A dream cut short upon the destruction of the parliament building. Killing him and Hemma. Setting off a chain reaction of events that would occur in his absence.