Hunting Edit

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A Splaat being hunted by a Jackan.

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The "head" of a Jackan

Jackans are fairly large liquivorous bipeds that roam the jungles of Darwin IV. They tend to feed on small animals such as Finlegs and Hoppers, using camouflage as a main defense and offense. Hiding in bushes and shrubs scattered around the densely packed forests, Jackans wait for small animals to approach, then use a strange lung-like organ in their back to puff large amounts of air into their necks very quickly. This launches the neck at great speeds facing the prey. If the prey is impaled, the Jackan will drop the prey on the ground, and stab it once again, draining it of fluids. It will then detract its neck. The Jackan gets its name from the Earth toy the Jack In The Box.

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