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Instan Orim
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Dantanius
Status Deceased
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Aliases Bug Man (Various morph imperialists)
Species Rovar
Gender Male
Age 80 years
Date of Birth 1799 CE
Date of Death 1879 CE
Era(s) Imperial


Eye Color White
Homeplanet Nanshe
Occupation Emperor of the Rovar Empire
Affiliation Rovar Empire (1819-1852)

Bio-Morph Empire (1849-1853)

Foes Rovar irredentists
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Friends Anshan Cyrus
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Air flight

Genius level intellect

Attire Skeke Emperor armor

Admiral badge

Instan Orim was a Rovar of the rioga caste and the last emperor of the Rovar Empire, succeeding Goakos IV, from 1820 until the empires complete dissolution in 1852 during the First Galactic War. Then later the leader of the post-imperial government following the war's end.

Instan ascended to Emperor in a time of imperial decline abroad. Reeling from the Fifth Panatoria Uprising after a serious crop failure. The Girsu scandal. The Gunugus Uprising just after. And the Nabala Secession.

In 1820, Anu Fera, announced the decolonization agreement. From his own advisors, who urged him to annex all territory the morphs would disengage from, Instan sternly rejected their self-serving aspirations. Soon, he joined the agreement when it was presented to him. Stunning those on each side. Working with Anu Fera as the decolonization picked up speed. Following her untimely death, he later worked with her successor Anshan Cyrus. With the decolonization going along a smooth transition from imperial to indigenous rule, Instan was overthrown by irredentists who would eventually start the FGW. Defecting to the morph empire, he worked alongside the rovar loyalists who followed him. Commanding the takeover of Nanshe.

As the last truly elected emperor, Instan's reign marked the end of the Imperial Era and the Morphist-Rovar Wars. He secretly worked with Anshan Cyrus to create the Cyrus-Instan Agreement. Giving him the Sol system and humanity to watch over. And assisted as an advisor to the Galactic Alliance along Cyrus as well. The aftermath of the Moneta-Fonn scandal left him alone to guide the GA. Anti-morphism rose up across former territories to further complicated his position. When the Morph Schism of 1866 occurred, he made Epione the prime destination for the billions of Mergen inhabitants who fled the Bio Administration. Even with Cyrus held up in the Trinity, Instan worked tirelessly to operate the GA. Just before his retirement, he accepted the request to finalize the Sol system's morph protectorate status, a decision that would lead to the Sol War years later. He spent the remainder of his life in a advisory role of his successor until his death in 1879.