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Ingoberga Adelaide
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Aliases Berga (Various)
Species Hunyago
Ethnicity As Human: Italian
Gender Female
Age 1246 years
Date of Birth 754 CE, Mergen, Rey province, Bio-Morph Empire (now Rey governorate)
Era(s) Imperial
Hair Color As Human: Black
Eye Color As Human: Brown

As Morph: Blue

Height 6 ft
Homeplanet Mergen
Occupation Privateer


Affiliation Bio-Morph Empire (754-1100)
Foes Zymen Tagasalo
Mother Rosamund Joveta
Father Imrich Adelaide
Friends Rigan Tathan

Vadamerca Rikiar

Alaric Bessas

Malem Rasis

Orderic Bertelis

Raigo Kass

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed


Transformations Human female of Italian descent
Attire Rheoli crown

Anoist robe

Ornate glove right hand

Ingoberga "Berga" Adelaide is a Hunyago anoist turned abolitionist privateer to Uachtaran-elect of Anoism. In the Human Readiness Committee, she is known as the Bio-Morph of the Holy See. Identified as a human named Benedetta Bressi.

Born Ingoberga Reolus Emma Notker Imbert Childebrand as the daughter of Imrich Adelaide and Rosamund Joveta, religious rheoli's of Mergen's Rey province. Raised alongside other sects during annual pilgrimages. At 200 years, got put into service despite not being the required 400 years. Fortunately on her religious grounds she was relegated to a non-combat role at the imperial base in Ustrecha.

While continuing her service the year 1045 would be the time Berga's life changed forever. News of an attack on the Origem City by a non-morph reached her post, the native anoists, particularly the didoli's, waged an extermination against the anoist converted non-morph inhabitants. Although not having any combat training, she tried to stop them only to be beaten to near-death. Emboldened by the experience Berga herself, alongside her parents, joined the rheoli contingent led by the Amalric monarchs to end the war on a shorter and less deadlier note. The war would cost Berga her mother and father. Eventually she left 50 years in and went back to Ustrecha. Unable to reconcile with this she entered a crisis of faith. The scandal involving Ordway Nodons only deepened her spiral towards depression. With Imrich and Rosamund dead she was taken in by a Ustrechan exarch named Theoderic. In 1160 Berga left the anoist congregation that took her in to live out the remaining pre-adult years. Recovering from her 'ostran ordeal.'

After this personal reexamination, Berga took to finding purpose. She did not have to wait for long. The planets established by the invading anoists from the war 115 years ago were facing the brunt of the kingu horde. With her pleas for a troid against the Necali dynasty going unanswered, and encouraged by her Ustrechan experience she took it upon herself to help them. Joining the ship named the Hesus her crew targeted slavers and pirates raiding across the Outer Rim. One experience with slavers would earn her the very rare ability of electrokinesis.

Berga, and her crew, worked under a 'zero tolerance' stance on slavery whether it be from the Kingu sponsored Panatorian Slave Trade or outside civilized bounds. Killing any slaver they captured, freeing slaves in imperial territory (where the system was illegal), protecting transports in the Outer-Rim. Even going as far as to kill people who paid slavers. Seeing it as a form of enablement. Because her crew originally consisted of non-morphs, most of them eventually died of natural causes or retired. Still, not giving up on her abolitionist beliefs, she hired a new crew consisting of shape-shifters from the Morphist East Indies. Wanting to attack the larger centers, she made an alliance with clergy-sponsored privateer Orderic Bertelis and poutan general Emmeran Godun to do this. Being able to sack the piratical strongholds Nosimbus and Elas. Great achievements that earned her and the crew widespread acclaim from the imperial populace. On personal matters, a rivalry between herself and a certain Zymen Tagasalo came up empty as he too eluded her. Aside from her anti-pirating activity Berga had been working with the established states that faced the kingu horde. Leading an expedition to save Shoudlee however this ended up in failure. With the capitulation of the last kingu state, the Kodakarids, she retired from her anti-slavery crusade and returned home to run for Exarch of her native province.

In the post-imperial galaxy Berga went with the diaspora to Epione over the political uncertainty within Mergen, now under the authority of Anshan Cyrus. Among the exiled anoists she rose as prominent leader bolstered by her exceptional imperial credentials and the portrayal as a military saint. As a result quickly establishing a following. Come 1898, she was brought forward by Machaon's religious clergy to join the Human Readiness Committee.


A hunyago of a normal blue chroma, Berga wears the usual rheoli traditional clothing: crown headpiece with bell earrings and waist sash, with the only notable exception that the ornate glove worn on the left hand being made of rubber and having metal. The upper robes have an image of Uachtaran Baduila Mimarro sewn on as her personal patron saint.