The species of an extremely rare sight, Inanna or Inan are a race of polymorphic winged humanoid-like insectoids native to a planet referred as Ishkur located in the unexplored fringes of the Milky Way. What differentiates the Inanna from other species is that they are defined as a male-only simultaneous hermaphrodite species with a lifespan of twenty standard years.

The first Inan ever witnessed to the galaxy was seen in 915 CE who went by the name Shemai Tavi, who served as an advisor to rovar emperor Tamvis II. Since Ishkur resided in the uncharted regions of space no imperial powers planned to search and occupy it. Like the Nathair, they too, a neutral power during the imperial era. Even with the imperial threat over by 1853, Ishkur remained hidden from the galactic community.

Appearance Edit

The most interesting feature of a Inan is the way their own wings are used to cover the entirety of the whole body like a cloak leaving front lower neck and entire head plus antennae exposed. If wings are spread most can see a inan have two legs and two arms with hands that have four fingers.

When it comes to body color one could make a parable to Hunyago chroma since some inan can be seen having different skin colors such as red or dark purple. A element of inanna physiology is the ability of aposematism, otherwise called warning coloration.

Known Inanna Edit

  • Shemai Tavi - Imperial advisor to Tamvis II
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