Illmabobs are the elephants from Orquon. Actually, Illmabobs don't look exactly like elephants. Illmabobs have bigger heads, smaller trunks, smaller tusks, are slightly taller, and a have bowl-shaped back.

Symbiotic RelationsEdit

These creatures have a symbiotic relationship with the Aardzarck. The Aardzarcks fly onto their back to eat the insects that live in their dead skin. This also gives the flyer protection. The Illmabob gets the annoying parasites off its back. The bowl-shaped back catches rain water to attract more Aardzarcks.


The beast is very smart. They protect each other, as well as Aardzarcks. They also mourn and protect a dead Illmabob (or Aardzarck). They even show signs of humor. They pick up a random animal (mostly Wolf Raptors) and either throw them far away or put them in a tree.

The BunkorEdit

An Illmabob's worst enemy is the Common Bunkor. Illmabobs will fight to the death for many reasons. For example:

  • territory
  • protection of the herd (of course Aardzarcks)
  • humor
  • for water
  • and during mating season when they're most likely to get angry
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