Ilgarite is an extremely dense mineral composed of iron and nickel that was exposed to a localized, if incredibly short-lived, black hole. It has an average metal content of 67%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Dauenolaste.

Ilgarite is a copper green in hue despite consisting of silver-hued minerals. This has confused scientists but the current hypothesis is this may have something to do with a molecular change on the quantum level during the formation of the material. Because the black holes that form it are so short-lived, large amounts of the mineral are very slow-forming (usually hundreds of thousands of years) even though trace amounts of the substance will be formed instantly (estimated to be about 1 picosecond). As the larger constructs are coalesced amalgams of the much smaller minerals, the substance is very inconsistent in overall shape.

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