Hoboroite is a salt-baked mineral rock that was formed during the early, volcanic days of the planet Thiaseuris-Ulgan Jeppj. They are composed of iron. It has an average metal content of 80%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Litvaardpa Dummi.

Hoboroite is a pyroclastic mineral that formed when fluid iron and sodium chloride was ejected from inside the planet, with a large amount of it being ejected during the great supervolcano eruption, being "homeless" in the process, hence its name. It is salt baked by nature.

Thanks to heavy crystalization, the rock is actually fairly transparent in large areas of the substance, described by scientists as "partially invisible", although this is a misnomer. This "invisibility" makes it a precious stone, and jewelers occasionally craft it into beautiful works of art.

These structures are primarily an icy blue and white in hue, thanks to the high salt content within. However, extensive scraping the mineral will begin to reveal the silvery iron content underneath.

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