Hishoite is an incredibly durable material formed via cementation. It is formulated out of detritum due to its fossilized properties. It has an average metal content of 51%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Litvaardpa Dummi.

For a fossil, Hishoite is surprisingly durable. Made of layer upon layer of shells of extinct invertebrates that existed during the planet's oceanic era, the large shells are held in place by former substrate interlaced with interlocking shells of more than 100 other known species. The numbers are in such quantity and the interlocking is so advanced that the material produced cannot be harvested by simple beam tools. Instead, exocraft mining lasers are necessary to crack through the substance. Because of this, it is considered to be viable building material for Litvaardpa structures. The substrate sections of the material are a whitish-gray, but the largest shells found within are a banana yellow in hue instead.

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