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Heloites are a non-canon, sentient race of humanoids from the planet Helior.

Physiology Edit

Heloites are strikingly similar to both Humans and Saiyans in appearance, although they're much more fragile than the latter. Unlike most species within the Dragon Ball Universe, they seem to have no knowledge of how to control Ki energy and prefer to use various types of technology instead.

They seem to be an evolution of some type of primate.

Heloites 2

Heloites with various types of armor and weaponry

Overview Edit

The Heloites are extremely advanced in the technological sense. They make up for their lack of natural fighting abilities by creating super advanced weaponry and armor that can match even Super Saiyan 3 tier fighters. It is known that they use a different type of energy source from Ki energy, but what this energy source actually is is currently unknown.

Their most advanced piece of equipment is their war armor. It's nigh indestructible and in itself contains a number of extremely powerful weapons.

History Edit

The Heloites are found within most of the universes in Dragon Ball Multiverse (with the exception of universes 0 and 20, which no longer contain life).

Not a lot of information is known about this race or its planet as of yet. In most universes, Frieza had planned on conquering and selling Helior, but was killed at the hands of other warriors before he could, so the Heloites remained peaceful. In Universe 19, however, Frieza and his men attacked Helior and were defeated by the Heloites. After they killed Frieza they went on to kill the rest of his family and the Planet Trade Organization.

Many years later they were visited by a race of inter-universal traveling aliens called the Vargas. The Heloites, being the most powerful race in Universe 19, were invited by the Vargas to participate in a "multiversal combat tournament" between themselves and 19 other universes. The winner of said tournament would get three wishes from the Eternal Dragon of Namek. The Heloites agreed to participate and enlisted three of their soldiers to represent them in the tournament.

Heloites 3

Xeniloum vs. Majin Buu

The first of their soldiers, a veteran named Tidar, lost his match to Uub from Universe 18. Their second soldier, Xeniloum, lost his match to Majin Buu of Universe 4 (despite wearing their war armor this time around). For their third match, the soldier Eleim defeated Android #16, making him the only Heloite to pass on to round 2.

While a good number universes compete in the tournament for the sport of fighting, the Heloites appear to be in the tournament solely for the wishes. This is supported by the fact that Eleim was willing to completely kill Android #16 in order to go to the next round, and further supported by the fact that their leaders back home allowed them to use their war armors for a mere tournament. What they want to wish for is currently unknown.

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