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Gundrada Joveta
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Sketch of Gundrada Joveta by Keanan Hofmann

Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Deceased
Appearances Testament (story)
Inspiration Alexios I Komnenos
Vital Statistics
Species Hunyago
Gender Female
Age 1501 years
Date of Birth 324 CE
Date of Death 1825 CE
Era(s) Pre-Spaceflight Mergen



Eye Color Magenta
Homeplanet Mergen
Occupation Intellectual

Empress of the Morphist Imperium (1100-1820)

Affiliation Morphist Imperium (508-1820)
Allies Anshan Cyrus

Rigan Tathan

Wyman Nodons

Ordway Nodons

Foes Rovar Empire

Tamvis III

Kaimbe Necali

Mother Unknown didoli mother
Father Bero Joveta
Friends Sero Fera

Anshan Cyrus

Besnik Prek

Orta Prek

Qendrim Prek

Rigan Tathan

Tassilo Clovis

Quendrada Ranildamer

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations None
Attire Intellectualist robe

Rada necklace

Empress robe

Gundrada Joveta was a Hunyago intellectual and 6th empress of the Morphist Imperium. Succeeding Ordway Nodons after his assassination. Her reign, 1100 CE to 1820 CE, lasted for 720 years, making her the longest-reigning empress in imperial history. She was succeeded by Anu Fera after a coup d'état removed her from power.

Joveta was born in South Asoya of a 'double "A" marriage', as the daughter of Bero Joveta, an intellectual and misean in a romantic relationship with an anoist didoli who remains unknown. Raised in the far west for the duration of her childhood. Later learning under Sero Fera around 535 CE. She was, at first, an advocate of Feraism but distanced herself once the tide turned against it. Much like Anshan Cyrus, Joveta stayed in the intellectual circles of Mergen. Teaching morph and non-morphs.

In 1100 CE, Joveta became empress. Signing a temporary peace with the Rovar. With the empires enemies pacified and not at war, her first 40 years saw the inauguration of the 12th Renaissance, a period of peace and prosperity as the empire witnessed it's territorial and economic apex.

Joveta's reign was the more eventful when compared against her predecessors. 40 years after signing a peace agreement with the rovar, they discovered the Kingu, a species of humanoid sapients originating from the nuclear-ravaged Panatoria. Led by the Kaimana Kaimbe Necali with support from rovar emperor Tamvis III. Within days her empire faced the unrelenting horde of these newcomers as they ravaged and conquered the empires faraway provinces. Thus the imperial policy eschewed constant conquest to a conservative defensive position from then on. It is here that would see the creation of the 'Akritai' border defense units. With another answer being in 1206 CE an exploration team discovered another race with shape-shifting abilities known as the Amurru. Adding yet another species to the empires vast army. With infighting among the kingu and their rovar overlords she took the offensive. Getting the loyalty of the Wirnid client. Her adoption of Malko I, by request, brought morph-rovar relations closer. Later the Gibil were discovered by both empires and eventually agreed to a joint rule of their homeworld. Internally, her place as empress faced increasing challenge by the military aristrocracy.

In the final 300 years, her reign became more untenable. While the war with the kingu ended, the empire was now being challenged economically and militarily by non-imperial powers. 1800 CE saw an event known as the Morphist Deighal, losing the outer-rim territories especially Martu. Followed by serious anti-imperialist revolts from the NENNES holdings. In 1820 CE, feraist-leaning members of the imperial court overthrew her in a putsch in favor of Sero Fera's great-granddaughter Anu Fera. Fleeing to Panatoria where she died from illness five years later. She therefore did not live to see the full extent of the decolonization process nor the war that proceeded it.


Aside from the rada necklace, originating from the final diction of her first name carrying 'rada' at the end, Joveta was a normal looking magenta chroma morph. Wearing the intellectualist robes and later the empress raiment.