General Information
Homeworld Iska (natural homeworld)
Unspecified (adopted homeworld)
Environment Small, forested rocky island outcroppings
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Locomotion Bipedal movement
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Personality Aggressive, yet secretive.
Affiliation(s) Unknown original affiliation
Amphorian Empire (battle thralls)
NodhCohr Hierarchy (battle thralls — former)
Capital City Imperial City
Technar IX
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Iska
Other Information
Status Data Deficient
Creator Somarinoa

The Grokk (pronounced /ɡrɑːk/) evolved from the survivors of another colony ship during the Gyllean Project. Unlike the world the Commati landed on with its steep surfaces, the Grokk landed on a world covered in rocky outcroppings, with most of the land being small, rocky, forested islands out at sea. Like the Commati and all other offshoots of the Isk, the Grokk lost their swiveling eyes, but gained in its stead tough, pebbly skin and hard spines that protruded from their forehead to the tip of their tail in a long line, with an almost mohawk effect. The Grokk had to struggle to survive on the harsh landscapes of their island coasts, and this led to their species shunning pain and fear. In doing so, their culture eventually operated around stealth and cunning traps, and the civilizations with the most assassins eventually took over the planet.

Because of this, the Grokk pride themselves in stealthy ambushes and assassinations in their military style, but also are war-hungry. When their culture arrived at a point where it was no longer intelligent to start wars amongst their own species, they immediately set to researching the technologies for stellar, and then interstellar travel. From here, they picked star systems that were closest to their location, and within only a few decades, one of their large cloaking assault cruisers discovered a planet bustling with life, a swampy world; a world the ambushers would do their darnedest to overtake. A planet known as Kesari.

Although these Grokk assassins fought hard and well, they were eventually defeated by the local inhabitants, the Amphorians and their slaves, the Lorc, and through divine proclamation, they stated that the Grokk, too, would serve as their slaves. However, unlike the Lorc who had been stripped of their culture and in a way their sense of self due to an old rivalry between them, the Grokk were granted permission to act as slaves who specialized in espionage actions. This pleased the Grokk quite a bit, and although their starships had been destroyed and they were forced to spend the rest of their days on Kesari with their new masters, they formed a small bit of kinship and respect with them, which they would hold until the day the Fafni were 'enlisted'…

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