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Grizela "Agnus" Senga
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Drawing of Grizela made by Keanan Hofmann (now outdated placeholder image)

Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Aliases Agnus (Various)
Species Human
Ethnicity Scottish
Gender Female
Age 102 years
Date of Birth February 6th, 1898

Calcutta, British India (now in Kolkata, India)

Era(s) Colonial India

Post-War Earth

Hair Color Red (now gray)
Eye Color Hazel
Homeplanet Earth, Morph Protectorate of the Sol
Hometown Calcutta
Occupation Tea Trader
Affiliation Human Readiness Committee (1949-2000) - As homo-sapien insights
Mother Susie Geddes
Father Henry Senga
Lover(s) Neifon Bevan
Friends Wyman Nodons

Alaric Bessas

Orlaithe Cahan

Vuifken Herden

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities None
Transformations None
Attire Traditional scottish kilt

Hunyago overdress

Saffron-colored Locket

Grizela Agnus Senga is a human tea trader. Introduced to the Human Readiness Committee as 'homo-sapiens insights'.

Born to Scottish-born parents Susie Geddes and Henry Senga who emigrated to British India in 1898 as traders in the tea business. Later in the 1940's she was engaged to a native kale named Neifon Bevan before his untimely death fighting in neighboring Burma. Even prior to 1945, she was already friends with most morphs in her native region such as Vuifken Herden and her children alongside Wyman Nodons. Four years later in response to the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Agnus was inducted into the organization by recommendation as a 'virtuous non-morph'. The first human to ever be recruited by the morphs to assist their efforts.


Agnus, at a younger age, had long and wavy red hair which would later be made into a messy bun that may have been done to emulate the hunyago head appendage. Her eyes having a hazel eye color. Advanced age has caused her hair to become gray yet not become bald.

Her clothing shows off her scottish heritage. Wearing a traditional highland tartan skirt that is below knee length, originally blue with green trims. It then became a dark magenta-colored tartan pattern made in the 'jovian style' as a product of her exposure to hunyago culture. Around her neck is the saffron-colored locket that was forged for her now terminated marriage containing a picture of herself and Neifon.