Grax was the most famous Scelorian architect and was the inventor of Scelor II.

Early LifeEdit

Grax was born in the Scelorian year of 16,441. Scelorian years were roughly as long as Earth's years. He hatched (out of an egg) after his other five brothers; making him the youngest child in his family. But, he was the most creative sibling.

Greatest AccomplishmentEdit

In 16,471, Grax read an article in a magazine that was talking about the future of Scelor's atmosphere. It read that the planet's atmosphere might become poisonous due to some abandoned power plants. Grax talked to the government about the article.

Two years later, the government finally gave him enough money, builders, and materials to create a dream ship called Tralareelet (this was his mother's name). They also let him supervise for it. Tralareelet was soon changed to Scelor II because the original name was already taken for another ship. That ship was made to kill Space Squid. It took twelve years to finally start building in space. It took another 20 years (it was finished in 16,506, so he was 65) to finish the ship in space. He was awarded, along with his builders, a private ship of their own. But Grax wanted to live in the ship of his dreams.


In 16,513 Grax died of natural causes. He died when he was 72 and rested in peace. One of the few things that survived the Myanmar and Scelorian Super War was a memorial built for him inside of the ship.

Moral of his LifeEdit

Throughout his life Grax learned that creativity and imagination will help you. He learned that dreams do come true.

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