Grass Net

A Grass Net capturing a Flibal

Main Information Edit

Grass Net 3

A Grass Net running alongside an Iggo

Grass Nets are extremely large animals native to Gamila's Islanda Tropics. It hides underground, only exposing its tentacles and the top of its beak. It sticks out its tongue, which smells, appears, and has the same texture as a plant. This tongue lures animals to the area. After this, the tentacles of the animal shoot up, wrapping the helpless prey in a thin but very strong net. The Grass Net's beak opens, allowing the creature to fall inside. Grass Nets are supposedly the largest animals on Gamila, with most of their bodies hidden underground.

Mating Habits Edit

Grass Net 2

A Grass Net underground

Grass Nets only come out of the ground to mate. They are able to dig themselves out of the ground with their large limbs, and, due to their size, create a panic among the surrounding creatures. They call to their mates with long, tuba-like noises. Grass Net Hosts are able to reproduce asexually, but this often causes deformities and is only used as a last resort. However, for an unknown reason, the Grass Net still needs to feel connected to something to mate. Due to this, a lone Grass Net will often feel attracted to an object like a large rock or a tree, or even a smaller animal. Once the Grass Nets find their mates, or in some cases, objects, they will go into a kind of waking hibernation, just sitting and waiting until their Host creates its eggs. Usually about 3 to 5 eggs are laid. They leave their eggs behind and travel to the ocean, where they, as a group, drown themselves. It is unknown why they do this.

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